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Services Offered by J & J Aquatics Specialist, LLC 

Lake, Pond, and Waterway Management: We provide a superior waterway management program for aquatic vegetation and algae in lakes, ponds, lagoons, ditches and other waterways. We supply golf courses, home and property owner associations, private pond owners, apartment and condominium communities, commercial and corporate properties, and municipal entities with the highest level of aquaculture and total water quality management in the industry. We proudly provide services in an environmentally conscious manner that promotes and facilitates wildlife. All the herbicides and algaecides we use are approved and labeled for aquatic use by the EPA and Department of Agriculture. All waterway treatments and applications are handled and applied by trained and licensed technicians. We specialize in cutting edge equipment to maintain and manage your waterways in the most efficient and effective manner. At J & J Aquatics Specialist, LLC our objective is to provide optimal aquatic conditions at a reasonable investment by the consumer through frequency of visits and complete personal interest in each body of water we maintain.

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